Why is too much water dangerous?

A Californian woman has died after taking part in a water-drinking contest, but why is too much water dangerous?
We are regularly advised to drink more water: it clears skin, reduces tiredness and aids concentration.
But the death of a woman in the US after taking part in a water-drinking contest shows you can have too much of a good thing.
Jennifer Strange had taken part in the "Hold Your Wee for a Wii" game, which promised the winner a Nintendo Wii. Afterwards she reportedly said her head was hurting and went home, where she was later found dead. Initial tests have shown her death is consistent with water intoxication.
Drinking too much water can eventually cause your brain to swell, stopping it regulating vital functions such as breathing, and causing death. So what happens?
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Water enters the body when we drink and is removed primarily in the urine and sweat. The amount of water in the body is regulated to control the levels of certain compounds, such as salt, in the blood.
If you drink too much water, eventually the kidneys will not be able to work fast enough to remove sufficient amounts from the body, so the blood becomes more dilute with low salt concentrations.
"If you drink too much water it lowers the concentration of salt in your blood so that it is lower than the concentration of salt in cells," says Professor Robert Forrest, a consultant in clinical chemistry and forensic toxicology at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield.
The water then moves from the dilute blood to the cells and organs where there is less water. Professor Forrest likens this to the effects seen in science-class experiments.
Anthony Andrews
Actor Anthony Andrews was treated for water intoxication in 2003
"If you put salty water on onion skin the cells will shrink, if you put too much water on it the cells will swell," he says.
This swelling is a problem in the brain.
"When the brain swells, it is inside a bony box so has nowhere to go," he says. "The pressure increases in the skull and you may get a headache. As the brain is squeezed it compresses vital regions regulating functions such as breathing."
Eventually these functions will be impaired and you are likely to stop breathing and die. Warning signs included confusion and headaches.
Symptoms would normally occur very soon after drinking the water, but if the gut is absorbing the water more slowly then it can take longer.
Drinking several litres over a relatively short period of time could be enough to cause water intoxication. Those most at risk include people taking ecstasy, as the drug increases thirst and facilitates the release of anti-diuretic hormones so more water is taken in but cannot be excreted. Also, elderly people because their kidney function may be impaired.
Treatment for drinking excess water is "relatively straightforward", says Professor Forrest. It includes giving patients diuretics to help decrease their water load, or using drugs to reduce the swelling caused by excessive water.
He says the real problem is diagnosis. Because patients can be very confused they are often mistakenly thought to have taken drugs.
Ursula Arens, of the British Dietetic Association, says water is essential for a variety of bodily functions, for example to excrete waste products such as urea.
We lose water all the time and so need to replace it and in normal circumstances should aim to drink about one and a half litres every day, she says. During hot weather or exercise more should be consumed as dehydration can lead to bad breath, tiredness and a higher risk of bladder infections.
"If you are going to the toilet more than once every two hours or so that might be too much, especially if your urine is clear," she says, but adds that drinking too much water is unusual.

Water Can Ruin Your Health

Paul C. Bragg, N.D., Ph. D.
Age Extension Specialist areas "What can not use or remove the human body, so it should be kept. As a result, mineral salts (inorganic minerals) are stored and in a certain period will result in hardening of the arteries, stone formation in kidney, ureter, bladder, joint- joints, and by etiologic factor in the occurrence of enlargement of adipose cells (fat cells) ".
Therefore, for humans to live a healthy 100%, the human body must be free of this anorganic minerals. At the moment of pure water into the human body, it does not leave residual water / sediment. Water is free from all the elements of salt minerals. Water is the beverage most appropriate for internal cleanliness and health.
Dr. T.C. McDaniel, Director of Professional Affairs, The National Foundation for
Prevention Of Obesity
There Minerals and Mineral
"These minerals are present in natural water is non-active. The water does not contain enzymes, which are needed by the body which is also the essence of life. Nature has decided to give life to these mineral elements by helping to develop growth and maturity of plants. In times of growth, the roots collect minerals (inorganic) from the ground, and convert minerals into organic elements and absorb / distribute these minerals to the stem, leaves, seeds and flowers and fruit. It is natural if the use of fresh vegetables / raw and fruit juices can provide a network of cells and tissues of the body with food with best quality, in the form of mineral-rich enzymes in micro size. "
REACTION OF THE BODY DURING Detox Food Combining Indonesia: Community Weblog Mailing Lists Food Combining in Indonesia  Detoxification - How to Eliminate Toxins in the Blood Whatever we eat and drink, particularly pharmaceutical drugs when difficult process, over time will become poison in the blood. The impact was quite severe, can damage vital organs in the body.

The expulsion of toxins in the body, of course, will nourish the body. Until this method often applied to help cure various diseases. These diseases include: asthma, allergies, colds, flu, bronchitis, gout, arthritis, early-stage cancer, insomnia, depression, stress, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, coronary artery blockage, clogged arteries, obesity, sprue, mag , migraine, skin diseases, and drug dependence, nicotine, alcohol, and narcotics.
However, the medical was ready to anticipate this. To get rid of toxins in the body, known as detoxification, can be done in various ways. From a modern character to the natural. The objective of detox is to restore blood vessel function, as a carrier of oxygen and other substances needed organ in the body, so that the organ could function again as it is after a blocked distribution. Usually after the poison is removed, the body will be more refreshed and feel relaxed. In fact, in some cases become brighter vision and passion for life becomes higher
In addition to reactions such as disease, as long as body detox will give other reactions that are often surprising for beginners. Forms of reaction and when the emergence of these reactions are not the same in faithful people.
According to dietitian at Northwestern Memorial Hospital Wellness Institute and American Dietetic Association speaker Dawn Jackson-Blatner, there are some effects of detox which must be observed. When the detox process, when the toxin through the blood vessels, the body will react so that reactions can occur, among others:
Symptoms of headache, nausea, bloating, constipation, colds, flu, mild fever, bad breath, skin disorders / rashes, emotional disturbances, and kedinginan. Kadang accompanied by changes in urine color. More turbid urine color and pungent. For those who throughout his life many consume pharmaceutical drugs, medicinal smell will come out with urine and feces (stool) is often dispose of the wind with the smell was terrible. Emerged a strong desire on food, whereas after the day-to-3 is actually the body is not feeling hungry lagi.Keluar lot of dirt with mucus (mucous) is quite dense.
On a longer detox program, the body will remove dirt from the innermost layer of cells. Forms of dirt that comes out is usually more dense and colored ranging from greenish to blackish like tar / asphalt liquid. New detox program can perfectly tell if the form of sewage that comes out normal, and no more dirt that looks like it. "This reaction is very individualistic. In people tertenu, this reaction may not appear or have occurred on the first day, "said Jackson-Blatner. But the general reaction on the new show on the third day since the third day the body begins to extract energy from fat after the first day of the muscles take up glucose from the second day of the liver. To get to the brain, the fat must go through stages of change to require more time.
If a reaction occurs, do not panic. Detox does not need to be stopped Reduce the only activity that takes energy, avoid too warm in the sun, drink water (Oxy) or juice as much as possible, or get to sleep. Usually really not bearable, whether you also consult a doctor.
A nutritionist from Jakarta Hospital, dr. Inayah Budiasti MS SpGK suggested that implementation should detox slowly to give your body a chance to adapt. Like people who need to adapt when faced with eating patterns, as well as the body does. "When the body undergoes reduction in food intake, then the fluid is removed first. So, instead of fat is removed from the body. In fact, as much as 80 percent of the body consists of water, he said. Therefore, Detox should be done gradually. Give your body time to adapt minimum about two weeks to get the best results, "he said.
How to take a drink / food should not be any hurry. Although the liquid form, water and fruit juice should still be drunk slowly and in small increments only. So, not drunk quickly, especially at a time. Drinking or eating in a hurry can cause some processes to do the body to food, has elapsed. Foods that are not processed properly will decay prematurely. Though food spoilage may only occur in the large intestine before the anus. Early decay usually occurs in the duodenum.
Should not be taking any medications and supplements during their detox. Drugs and supplements however have a toxic element. We recommend that you keep exercising regularly. Quite mild exercise such as walking, jumping rope or jumping on a trampoline small, yoga, tai chi, or Qigong. Sports useful circulation of blood and lymph, and indirectly also launched a process of spending toxins from the body. May perform body treatments such as massages, aromatherapy (O3) and luluran (body scrub or flushing impurities from the skin surface).
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Bacteria-free water and substances kiamia
water is the basic need of living beings. When humans, animals and plants short of water, it will die. Anyway, very extensive water damage to life, especially the water to eat and drink. People will be dehydration or disease if the lack of fluids in his body. The problem, current drinking water quality in major cities in Indonesia are still apprehensive.
Population density, land use is wrong and the high exploitation of water resources is very influential on the quality of water. The opinion was expressed by two specialist water and wastewater Ariel Herlambang and Nusa Idaman Said from the Centre for Environment Pengajian and Application of Technology BPPT to the media recently. Nusa Idaman Said explained that the government has issued Kepmenkes No 907/Menkes/SK/VII/2002 to the Terms and Drinking Water Quality Monitoring. Terms of drinking water''in accordance Permenkes it must be free of inorganic materials and organic. In other words the quality of drinking water must be free of bacteria, chemicals, toxins, hazardous wastes and so forth,''said Arie.
Drinking water quality parameters that relate directly to health in accordance Permenkes is related to microbiology, such as E. Coli and total coliform. Associated with organic chemistry in the form of arsenic, Flouride, chromium, cadmium, nitrate, cyanide and selenium.
While the parameters that are not directly related to health, which include odor, color, total dissolved solids (TDS), turbidity, taste, and temperature. For the chemical parameters in the form of aluminum, iron, chloride, manganese, pH, zinc, sulfate, copper, residual chlorine and ammonia.
Water pollution in the region major cities in Indonesia, continued Ariel, very big. Based on statistical data BPS (Central Bureau of Statistics) DKI Jakarta 1998 about 50% of households using tap water (taps), soil water using a pump at 42.67%, dig wells and other 3.16% 0.63%. ''The problems start to appear on product quality drinking water.
The water quality of rivers and ground water less qualified. Many people dispose of garbage, debris and waste into rivers. In fact, there are other ways to dispose of hazardous waste plant at a depth of several meters,''said Arie. Furthermore, he explains the source of clean water in Jakarta come from the Citarum River (80%), Cisadane (15%) and the rest Ciliwung.
Those rivers across various rural, residential, industrial, and transportation is quite solid. However, public awareness in protecting the environment is still low, so the river one of the natural resources vulnerable to contamination. In rural areas the community was experiencing a crisis worthy of drinking water.
Excessive use of pesticides pollute the water in rice fields which then flows into the river and used the public for daily life. Not a few villagers were washed with detergent at the edge of time. Likewise, coastal communities having trouble finding fresh water. As a result, they use sea water with high salinity. ''In the meantime, drinking water treatment technology that is used taps are still lagging behind. In the process the raw water into drinking water taps technology used only eliminate the bacteria E. Coli and iron. While the content of carcinogens is never done,''said Arie. What he said is justified by the Nusa Arie who completed a master's in Environmental and Sanitary Enggineering at Kyoto University in Japan. He sees the management of drinking water in the taps still leaves a carcinogen.
''Since the number of organic and non organic substances in raw water, the taps will provide chlorine into the water as a disinfectant. The amount given quite a lot because it is adjusted by the amount of organic substances contained in water.''Large enough dose of chlorine, continued Nusa, can react with other compounds into chloroform, khlorofenol, and so forth.
The function of water especially the water we drink is so important to the survival of the human food .Tanpa can survive 4 weeks but without water only 5 days. Water shortage resulted in the emergence of many diseases. For example, high blood pressure, heart disease, Varicose veins, Wasir.dll.
In clean water has gone through an elaborate filtration process to produce pure water is healthy, but gas - vehicle and industrial exhaust, pesticides, hazardous chemicals is currently so much litter source - the source of water. So that was almost hard to find a suitable drink pure water anymore. We always thought that spring water would be cleaner in the hill country, long ago it's true, but today is almost hard to find natural water really clean.
Bomb nuclear testing, chemical substances pollute the air. When the rain and seep down to earth, but a small part will break down the remaining residue will contaminate water sources even though being used.
Water purity is measured with a TDS (Total Disolves Solid) with the amount of Part Per Million (PPM). The water content of particles - particles have high ppm high
The test results of water by using elextrolyzer which mimics the process of separating the water in the human body During this PDAM never analyze new compounds of chlorine due to excess it. In fact, the effect could create free radicals. ''So, the emergence of diseases is actually caused by poor drinking water quality,''said Nusa. Even, he added, the element iron, detergents, and other pollutants still found in the water despite the clear and clean appearance.
Arie added contamination of drinking water supplied to the public purposes can be caused by industrial waste, domestic waste, hazardous and toxic wastes, corrosion of piping and also due to a byproduct of the disinfection process with chlorine compounds. ''The contamination can occur ranging from raw water source, during processing or in the distribution pipeline.''
Therefore, further Arie, Indonesia's population is still difficult even now free from diarrheal disease, cholera, dysentery to typhus. For, the disease associated with water (waterborne deseases).''Nusa see the relationship between the quality of public health with clean water consumed interrelated.
In addition to diarrhea, typhoid, cholera and dysentery, other diseases that are often found are hepatitis A and acute anterior poliomelistis. Both researchers emphasize the importance of public knowledge about the dangers of chemicals in drinking water. ''Many people have found poisoned drinking water because of chemical compounds in drinking water exceeding the allowed threshold concentration,''said Arie. Actually, this chemical compound can be natural or due to human activities pollute the drinking water.
Some chemicals that are toxic to the human body are heavy metals, pesticides, compounds hydrocarbon pollutants, radioactive substances of natural or artificial, and so forth.
An example is nitrate commonly found in agricultural activities. Nitrate pollution caused by agricultural waste water containing nitrate compounds resulting from the use of nitrogen fertilizer (urea). Nitrate compounds in drinking water in large quantities cause methaemoglobinameia. This disease is a condition of hemoglobin in the blood is transformed into methaemoglobin, so the blood deprived of oxygen. Flouride (F) is a natural chemical compounds in water at various concentrations. At small concentrations of about 1.5 mg / l would be beneficial to dental health. When high concentrations (greater than 2 mg / l) cause tooth decay (dental patches). ''When the bigger 3-6 mg / l causing damage to the bone.
Dose Flouride in drinking water maximum of 0.8 mg / l.''is another dangerous element mercury (merkurium, Hg) is an element of heavy metal toxins on the body. Merkurium result of industrial waste had caused loss of life on Minamata case of Japan, 1950. Drinking water was not contaminated by cadmium (Cd). Drinking water usually contains Cd with a concentration of 1 ug or sometimes up to 5 ug. WHO has issued recommendations to drink the water content of 0.01 mg / l while the Government Regulation No. 20/1990 maximum levels of cadmium in drinking water for 0,005 mg / l. Other toxic substances commonly found in Selenium in seleniferous area (rainfed).
In areas such levels of selenium in groundwater (wells) or surface can be high. WHO set the levels of selenium in drinking water of 0.01 mg / l whereas
Government Regulation No. 20/1990 recommend selenium levels that allowed 0.01 mg / l. (Nda/V-1) Source: Media Indonesia Online (22/03/2005)
Drinking Water
Manfaat Air (Benefits of Water)

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